Son 'kills father' during Zoom video chat in NY state

Police officers are seen outside the scene of a fatal stabbing in Amityville New York

US Man Stabs Father to Death During Zoom Video Call as Attendees Watch Horror

The incident happened just after noon on Thursday when Dwight Powers, 72, was on a Zoom conference call from a residence in Amityville on Long Island, according to Suffolk County Police.

Scully-Powers allegedly jumped out of the second-story window.

Lieutenant Beyrer told Newsday that there was no indication that the motive in the stabbing was related to the coronavirus pandemic, and the motive was still being investigated.

Scully-Powers was hospitalized, according to the statement. If convicted, Scully-Powers faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Police say a number of people at the virtual gathering quickly called 911, but the response by officials was delayed when nobody could identify where Powers lived. Because many meetings are recorded as they unfold, there's a chance prosecutors will be able to obtain video of the attack taking place.

He was released from hospital on Friday morning and will be arraigned for murder charges in the second degree, police said. A mop and bucket were found in the bathroom and a blood-saturated bed sheet was found in a garbage bag. The killer used three different knives because the different weapons kept bending, the prosecutor said.

A report by Newsday said that there had been about 20 other people on the video call, which the police confirmed later Thursday night.

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