Scotland's plan for lockdown exit

Scottish golf courses to reopen under Phase 1 of lockdown measures

Coronavirus: beer gardens could reopen soon

"That doesn't limit you to seeing just one specific household during this phase, you can see different households but we are asking you only to meet one at a time, we are also not intending to put a five-mile limit on the distance you can travel to for example sit with your parents in their garden".

Sitting and sunbathing in parks will also be allowed, as will "some non-contact outdoor leisure activities" such as tennis and bowls.

On Friday, May 22, Ms Sturgeon said that distance was not fixed and there would be some flexibility allowed, adding that the guidance is aimed at avoiding people congregating at tourist hotspots.

The collective - which has been working towards restart with a number of bodies, including the Construction Leadership Forum - commented after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland will begin a process to reopen construction sites from next week (Thursday May 28), alongside other measures.

The intervention raised a smile from the First Minister, which then turned to laughter when the youngster switched sides and temporarily managed to get between her father and the camera.

Scottish Labour said that the government must act to expand testing, protect care homes and formulate a new plan for the economy as part of its plan.

"Five miles is not going to be a strict limit but it is meant to give you a guide, because what we don't want in this phase is for people to congregate at tourist hotspots because crowds of people - even if they are trying to socially distance - brings more risk that we don't judge it is safe to take at this time".

The Scottish government has revealed that the country's housing market is to reopen on or after June 18th following the publication of its Coronavirus lockdown road map today.

In her announcement, Nicola Sturgeon stated that Scotland will embark on a cautious return to normalcy in the easing of lockdown restrictions - for the most part mirroring the approach of other parts of the United Kingdom, where significant progress in their removal has already been achieved.

"This clearly needs to happen as soon as possible".

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