NY doctor dies from COVID-19 after delaying retirement to help

Brooklyn Doctor Dies Of COVID-19 After Delaying Retirement To Help Low-Income Patients

Doctor Considered To Be 'Jay-Z' Of Brooklyn Hospital, Who Delayed Retirement To Fight COVID-19, Dies Of The Virus

He was transferred to a nearby hospital, where he later died. However, Mahoney, who could have already retired, delayed his retirement to continue helping his colleague in caring for COVID-19 patients.

Mahoney is remembered by the community, his colleagues, and other Black young professionals who look up to him and refer to him as their Jay-Z in the medical field.

"He was a very openhearted person, really emotionally accessible to people as well, which is one of the reasons a lot of us are having a hard time coping with this".

Like numerous clinical centres in the United States, and also specifically NY, the University Hospital of Brooklyn had a scarcity of individual safety devices (PPE) at the beginning of the episode. He eventually became a pulmonary and critical care physician and a professor at the same teaching of college.

"As a young black man, I looked at this guy and said to myself, 'Twenty years from now I want to be like him, '"said Latif A. Salam, a student of Mahoney's who is now an internal medicine physician at University Hospital".

The hospital served a predominantly black group, and Mr. Mahoney was an inspiration to African American college students, based on the Occasions.

His family insisted that he follow through on his retirement plans, including his brother Melvin Mahoney, who is also a doctor. Someone that you can be one day. As the New York Times reports, he was at the "chronically underfunded" state-run hospital through the September 11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Sandy.

Mr Mahoney functioned from house from mid-April after falling victim to a high temperature, yet was taken to his medical facility's emergency clinic on 20 April, according to the electrical outlet.

"He worked on the front lines to the end", Dr. Melvin Mahoney said.

There, they admitted him and put him on oxygen to help his breathing.

The doctor was known by his colleagues for his dedication to patient care.

"I got to visit him, hold his hand", Mr Foronjy claimed.

"That's how much they loved my brother". "And he knew how much everyone here loved him".

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