New Windows 10 Build Released with Windows Hello and Sandbox Improvements

The new build is available today for the Fast ring

The new build is available today for the Fast ring

At the time, it remained unclear what exactly will Windows 10X would do for traditional single-screen portables and when it could be coming, but a new report at WindowsLatest suggests some of the operating system's key features will be coming to Windows 10 "sooner rather than later".

UWP apps are offered and sold in the online Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has been moving in this direction for a while, implicitly acknowledging that it hasn't realized its dream of getting developers to write one app to run across a wide variety of Windows 10 computers, devices, consoles and headsets.

The full changelog, which you can check out in the box after the jump, includes a bunch of other fixes, but also several known issues, and you should definitely read them all before proceeding with the installation of Windows 10 build 19631. Nadella said this translates into "a rich opportunity for developers to create both new applications and extend the reach of their existing applications". Also, their respective APIs will be decoupled from the Windows OS.

This new approach will help unclutter the mess of multiple app platforms Microsoft is maintaining right now.

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Microsoft said it will add more components in the future, including Teams. However, as with the new Fluid Framework, Microsoft is turning to the open-source community to bring vastly more to PowerToys Run in the future (via CNN). It will be available for Microsoft 365 enterprise users in the coming months.

Both new features will be part of the Edge web browser's Collections feature, where they'll join the options to send content to Excel or Word. It lets you easily export saved bookmarks, images, text, etc. and get Pinterest suggestions directly in the Edge browser.

Find out how you can take advantage of WinUI 3.0 and MSIX to bring your WIndows app to all Windows 10 users. This means the apps would launch in a standalone window and appear in places like Start Menu and Taskbar for easier access.

Furthermore, the updated DevTools now includes a 3D view mode. Microsoft is also updating the UI of the Edge Addons website, adding new categories, and making it easier to search browser extensions.

When it first announced Windows 10X during last year's Surface event in October, Microsoft positioned the OS, codenamed "Windows Lite", as software designed for flexible and dual-screen devices, such as its own Surface Neo.

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