NASA seeks social isolation experts to spend 8 months in Russian lab

NASA will pay you for spending 8 months locked in a simulation of Mars- BGR

NASA Wants to Pay You to Social Distance

We don't know exactly when that's going to take place, but NASA and other space agencies around the world are already preparing for that eventuality.

NASA posted on its website that it wants to hire a handful of suitable humans to spend 8 months in isolation in a mock spacecraft.

Four Russians and two Americans are part of the global crew that spent the duration of the analog mission in Russia's Institute for Biomedical Problems' Nazemnyy eksperimental'nyy kompleks (NEK) facility. Well, then NASA's upcoming mars simulation might be just for you.

A similar four-month study was conducted in 2019.

The evaluation will not be social isolation like a good deal people are dealing with right now or not complete social isolation. The answer is quite simple: the International Space Station is probably bigger than you think.

With several modules and areas such as downtime, diversion, and of course, science, there is a lot to do when you're delivered to the ISS. The first travelers to venture to Mars will experience something completely different.

They won't be lock in their seats for eight months, but they most certainly will not have the type of freedom that ISS astronauts enjoy. There are a variety of necessities candidates want, together with being a US citizen between 30 and 55 years outdated, being proficient in Russian and English, and having a school diploma, ideally an grasp's, doctorate or medical diploma, in addition to completion of army officer coaching. NASA said candidates should ideally hold a master's degree, doctoral degree or a medical degree or have military officer training, but candidates with bachelor's degrees and relevant experience will be considered. Indeed, NASA has a whole list of requirements participants need to meet.

NASA said there could be different levels of compensation based on whether a person is associated with NASA or is an employee or contractor, but did not get more specific than that. I'm not entirely sure why that would be important, but there you have it.

Participants in a four-month study on isolation.

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