Valorant Launches June 2, No Indian Servers at Launch

Image via Riot Games

Image via Riot Games

There was hope that Australians might be included in the closed beta, with Sydney one of the access points in Riot's direct server network, but the company has opted to launch the game on June 2 instead.

It's official - the Valorant release date is set for early next month: June 2. After a successful run in its closed beta status, the community since April has been eagerly waiting for the game's fully fledged launch after the latter has already promised their prowess among other FPS titles.

"As with any game, our guarantee isn't that VALORANT will be cheat free, it's that our commitment to anti-cheat doesn't end when you forget about it", Riot said. Riot Games' first foray into the first-person shooter genre, after tremendous success over the last decade with MOBA League of Legends, is sure to be a success, and the beta definitely warmed huge amounts of players to it. All we know is there's "new game content, a new game mode, a new agent, and a new map at launch".

The closed beta will be ending five days prior to launch, i.e., on May 28. Along with this announcement, Riot has also chose to deploy new servers in a bid to help its players experience low latency while competing. This proved to be very unpopular with tech savvy people, aware of the risks that this can provide to a system's security.

The game will be launching "across the majority of regions worldwide", Riot says as they talk about reaching out to players worldwide. As such, players will be able to start their Valorant journey together on level ground as they seek to dominate opponents in 5v5 tactical combat.

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