Half of Facebook employees to work remotely in 10 years - Zuckerberg

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Zuckerberg says Facebook staff can work from anywhere — for a price

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday he could see having half of the tech giant's employees working from home within the next 5-10 years.

"These aren't necessarily offices", Zuckerberg said, although the company would probably create "some kind of physical space" to accompany them.

He predicted some cost savings related to real estate, food and labor costs, as sky-high compensation packages common in Silicon Valley will be adjusted if Facebook employees opt to live in less-pricey regions. Zuckerberg said there will be a wide range of jobs eligible to work remotely, beginning with newly-hired senior engineers and then expanding to current employees with strong performance reviews.

But for employees, there is a potential downside to the remote work.

Facebook already pays based on location, but Zuckerberg said employees working remotely must notify Facebook if they move to a new area before January 1, 2021. Zuckerberg said he expects only about 25% of Facebook employees to return to their desks initially as the company looks to reopen its offices.

"Since so much of what we build is around helping people feel connected no matter where they are - like our messaging apps, video chat and eventually virtual and augmented reality - living our values will help us accelerate the development of these technologies", noted Mr Zuckerberg.

In an attempt to stop misinformation trolls, at the end of 2019 Facebook removed multiple accounts from its platform, including "50 Instagram accounts and one account on Facebook that originated in Russian Federation and focused primarily on the US".

"At the same time, I also want to emphasise that I just think Covid is going to be with us for a while to come".

Over the past few decades, economic growth in the United States has been quite concentrated, with major companies often hiring in a handful of metropolitan areas.

"That means we have been missing out on a lot of talented people just because they live outside a major hub". The company has previously said workers will be able to work from home at least through the end of the year. Whereas, Cupertino-based Apple is bringing back its staff to stores in different phases after it shut down its retail operations amid the virus outbreak.

The shift could help remake the United States job market in tech, as Facebook now has more than 40,000 employees.

"Eventually we want to enable many existing employees to become long term remote workers if they want".

The social media giant is faced with finding a fine line between allowing freedom of expression while also maintaining a platform that does not spread disinformation or cause harm to its users.

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