Coronavirus survivor shows surprising weight loss on social media

Young nurse infected with COVID-19 shares shocking before and after photos

Nurse Shares COVID-19 Before-and-After Photos to Prove It's Not Just the 'Sick and Elderly' at Risk

Nurse Mike Schultz shocked followers when he shared a recent photo to show how COVID-19 affected his body. He explained that he was in great physical health before contracting the virus, adding that he worked out 6-7 times a week and he weighed 190 pounds.

He posted two images on Instagram with the first was taken about a month before he got sick and the other at a Boston hospital. But when coronavirus ravaged his body, his weight dropped to 63kg.

Though he knew about the virus, Schultz told BuzzFeed News because he was young and had no pre-existing conditions, he figured he could risk a trip to see his boyfriend, 29-year-old DJ Josh Hebblethwaite, perform at the festival.

Schultz told BuzzFeed News that though there were restrictions they thought that washing hands often and not touching one's face would keep the coronavirus away. "I didn't think it was as serious as it was until after things started happening", he said.

The 43-year-old nurse had no underlying conditions. He warned people and asked them to be careful as it does not matter if you are young or old, whether you have preexisting conditions or not, it (COVID-19) can affect you.

"I was so weak", he said. "This was one of the most frustrating parts", he told BuzzFeed News.

'I couldn't hold my cellphone, it was so heavy. "I couldn’t type, because my hands shook so much", he recalled.

Schultz, who went to the hospital March 16, also had completely lost track of time.

Young nurse infected with COVID-19 shares shocking before and after photos
Coronavirus survivor shows surprising weight loss on social media

He contracted coronavirus in March after attending a party on Miami beach that has been linked to several COVID cases.

But just a week later he began feeling ill, and within days he was in hospital with a awful fever and fluid in his lungs as he began a weeks-long fight for his life.

Schultz was later transferred to a larger hospital, where he was intubated for four and a half weeks.

"There was no one else around, and I would be the one to make decisions for him", he said. "It was definitely scary".

He said that as he sat in his bed in a Boston hospital's coronavirus ward, he chatted with one of his favorite nurses about his treatment of being sedated and intubated.

"It was pretty much like he was in a coma".

Before contracting the virus, he had weighed about 86kg.

Schultz said that he and Hebblethwaite received some negative criticism online for attending the Winter Party.

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