Key factors to choosing the best Escape Room

Key factors to choosing the best Escape Room

Key factors to choosing the best Escape Room


Escape hour room games are quite enjoyable. However choosing the right escape room may not be easy especially if you are a beginner. There are quite several of options that you may need to choose from and therefore if you are a beginner you may be confused on the type of activity that you may want to engage in.


Most players will choose their preferred escape rooms based on the difficulty level of the game or even the theme. It may be easy to choose an escape room following the given theme, however only the advanced players can tell more about the various themes and what is expected from the various themes. This guide will therefore take you through some of the key factors to choosing the best Escape hour rooms.

Number of players

The number of the players in the escape room games plays a key role in determining the size of the locker room. You need to ensure that every player participates in solving the riddles and therefore choosing an ideal number of players is key to choosing the best escape room. If you need to play with a larger crew then choose a room capacity that will comfortably hold all the players engaging in the game.

Age of the players

Age of the players is also a key factor while choosing an escape room. You need to figure out if the players engaging in the game are adults or young kids. Different locker rooms are designed to suit varying age groups and therefore it is important that you choose an ideal escape room that is fit for all the players in the group.

Difficulty level

Do not go for a very challenging escape room if you are still in your initial stages of learning the game. You need to play repeatedly to gain some tricks and strategies to winning the escape rooms. Therefore consider choosing a less difficulty escape room in your initial playing stages as you advance to more difficulty levels. However if you are an experienced player then you need to choose a more challenging escape room. Solving very challenging puzzles is the joy behind the escape rooms.


There are quite a range of factors to consider while choosing the best escape rooms. It may not be a simple process but with the tips highlighted here in you easily choose an escape room that suits your needs and conforms to your budget as well.

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