Viral BBC Dad returns with his children to speak working from home

Gatecrashing kids return to delight BBC News viewers Television

'BBC Dad' and his kids return to TV to brighten these dark times

Not to be outdone, baby James soon rolled into view in his stroller, swiftly followed by Kelly's very stressed and very mortified wife, Kim Jung-a, who quickly took the kids out of the room.

Professor Robert Kelly, best known as "BBC Dad", was back on TV on Thursday along with his wife and their children to discuss the challenges of working from home with children in the house.

"That's one thing you can never apologise for now", Eades said.

The family, who live in South Korea, are practising good social distancing, as people around the world have been encouraged to do. "It's part of the scene".

"As you can see, it's very hard", Kelly said, as the girl tried to grab his arm. "Employers who have employees with kids our age - it's very hard".

"They've got nothing to do, they're climbing the walls. There are only so many games you can play and puzzles you can do before they just kind of run around".

South Korea has emerged as a role model for dealing with the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More of this content, please and thank you. "I think social compliance here has been pretty high".

"I think so far compliance as been pretty high, you don't see the kind of stuff you have seen in the USA, with people crowding beaches and people refusing to stay off the subway".

As Kelly told the BBC Thursday, "It's just really, really tough".

"The South Koreans have actually responded really well and that is why the curve is flattened, the cases are down to only 100 a day, it's been pretty successful". It is therefore a success.

Kelly and Kim's experiences echo those of millions of parents in the United States, who are in trouble to balance everything. "When schools close their doors indefinitely, children have been forced to adapt to learning at home and parents learn to get used to their worrying newcoworker". Google Arts & Culture provides virtual museum visits, Scholastic offers free day-to-day projects to keep children's minds active at home, singers share home concerts on social media and educate zoos and aquariums live stream to teach children about animals. Be kind to your employees with kids. "After two weeks in the house, the kids will climb the walls", he said tweeted.

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