Trump proposes dividing US by coronavirus risk levels

Trump administration to publish social distancing guidelines for counties according to risk

Trump Administration Developing New Guidelines for Social Distancing

In a letter to US governors, the president said that his administration would be easing nationwide guidelines meant to stem the spread of the disease and working on new guidelines to rate counties by risk of virus spread.

Trump has said he would like people in parts of the country that have not experienced massive outbreaks to be able to go back to work, perhaps around April 12.

Speaking with the media on Thursday, Trump said that he had spoken with Brady recently.

Once the legislation has been passed and Trump has signed it, as he has promised, the Treasury Department is expected to begin cutting checks directly to many American families and also releasing hundreds of billions of dollars for hospitals and health care providers as well as business afflicted by the social distancing shock.

Trump's letter comes as he has said that he would like to see restrictions, imposed to slow the spread of the virus, lifted by Easter. "I think you'll see a very fast turnaround once we have a victory over the hidden enemy, as I say". Trump reportedly told Washington Gov. Jay Inslee that the federal government is the backup for help with necessary medical equipment. "We don't need a backup".

Trump said the roll-out of additional testing will enable more nuanced recommendations that would allow some lesser-impacted parts of the country to regain a sense of normalcy sooner.

The announcement came ahead of the White House's regular news conference on its response to the pandemic.

But the president argued Thursday that Americans are ready to go back to work. And governors in hard-hit states have signaled they do not want to risk lives by prematurely removing measures such as shuttering nonessential businesses and essentially ordering people to shelter-in-place. NY is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., with over 37,000 confirmed cases in the state as of Thursday. The guidelines, issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are voluntary, but many state and local leaders have issued mandatory restrictions in line with, or even tighter than, those issued by the CDC.

The US has struggled to employ a robust system of testing for the virus due to early stumbles by the federal government.

"Well, it's nobody's fault, certainly not in this country", stated President Trump. This means there's a risk of the virus spreading even more if states lift guidelines that are meant to keep people indoors, and reduce the risk of exposing themselves or others, while the U.S. ramps up testing. There was also no mention in Trump's letter to governors of restricting travel between high-risk and low-risk counties. And he argued that people would still be practicing social distancing and hand washing.

The number of coronavirus infections have now topped a half-million worldwide.

As of Thursday, the total number of confirmed cases in the United States has risen to more than 75,000, and at least 1,000 people in the USA have died.

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