India Outlines $23-Billion Economic Stimulus To Help Poor Hit By Lockdown

Coronavirus fight Our duty is to fully back PM he’s the commander we are foot soldiers Chidambaram

India's Leader Declares Nationwide Lockdown

India's public health network, notoriously starved of resources, suffers an acute shortage of staff, so that sick people may often receive only hurried medical checks. "But this is nothing compared to the devastation that this virus will cause to our country if its growth is left unchecked".

Modi explained why he had chosen to interact through a videoconference, saying he should have been in the midst of the people of his constituency but couldn't because of the situation.

At the meeting, the G20 leaders agreed to take all necessary measures to contain the pandemic and protect people.

During the session, Modi also emphasized on the importance of social distancing to avoid spread of Coronavirus.

"I appeal to the citizens that wherever they see such things happening, they should raise their voice against it and warn people and make them understand that it is wrong", he said.

Modi said he had asked the Union home ministry and police heads of all states to take strong action against those harassing or ostracising doctors and nurses over fears that they might have contracted the virus at work.

"These days, people in hospitals are working for around 18 hours per day, people in healthcare sector are not getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep. We owe a duty to extend our total support to the Prime Minister and the Central and State governments", Mr. Chidambaram said in a two- page statement. Civil society members are working day and night to help the poor.

The prime minister also cautioned against believing rumours being spread through social media and the tendency of people to self-medicate. The same is happening in India.

The powerful grouping of world's 20 major industrialised nations at its meeting chose to inject over Dollars 5 trillion into the global economy to counter the social and economic impact of COVID-19. "The threat is for everyone", Modi said.

Streets were silent across Indian cities and towns on the second day of a three-week, 24-hour shutdown, as people heeded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call not to step out of homes except in emergencies or to buy food and other necessities. He said, "Whoever has the capability, take the pledge to take care of 9 families for 21 days, it will be a true "Navratri".

The Modi government at the center may announce an economic stimulus package of 1.5 lakh crore rupees between the fight against Coronavirus.

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