Three GOP Senators Demand 'Fix' to Stimulus Package

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Trump on goal to reopen US by Easter It's'a beautiful timeline

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Trump on goal to reopen US by Easter It's'a beautiful timeline

"Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says he is willing to stall the already much-delayed coronavirus stimulus plan if more restrictions are not placed on the "$500 million corporate welfare fund".

Graham said he hoped the Senate would agree to revise the measure, but that he otherwise he would want a vote on an amendment to fix the provision.

The senators said they were hopeful the Senate would accept an amendment to adjust the language so unemployment benefits are capped at 100% of a worker's paycheck. It's supported by Sens.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) joined the other three senators at a press conference addressing the issue Wednesday, and added in a tweet that "we shouldn't have policies in place that disincentivize people from returning to the workforce".

"In this bill a lot of people are going to get a substantial pay raise".

"Unless these Republican Senators drop their objections, I am prepared to put a hold on this bill until stronger conditions are imposed on the $500 billion corporate welfare fund", Sanders said in a statement on Wednesday, responding to several GOP lawmakers who said the generous unemployment provisions might incentivize Americans not to work.

But Mnuchin argued during a White House press briefing on Wednesday that most Americans actually wanted to keep their jobs.

The unemployment provision was among the things Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) celebrated as a victory for the Democrats. He said, "If they don't go forward, I won't go forward".

"Most of these state systems have technology that's 30 years old or older". The Senate moved toward a vote Wednesday on the biggest economic rescue measure in USA history, a more than US$2 trillion package of spending and tax breaks to bolster the hobbled USA economy and fund a nationwide effort to contain the coronavirus.

He said that the Senate moved quickly to draft the bill to make sure states could get money out quickly to Americans in a fair way.

Trump, expressing his interest in a "great signing" ceremony, encouraged people to see the overpayment as a positive.

Some of the people involved in the talks had anxious that capping the temporarily increased unemployment benefits to workers' previous earnings would be too technically hard and significantly delay money for individuals at the height of the virus-driven economic shock. "But we don't want to give a disincentive".

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