This Covid-19 tracking app lets you help scientists study the coronavirus

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United Kingdom researchers have launched an app to help track the spread of Covid-19 and explore who is most at risk from the disease in an attempt to better understand the pandemic.

Known as the Covid Symptom Tracker, the free app asks users to fill in data including age, sex and postal code as well as questions on a range of existing medical conditions, such as heart disease and asthma.

In the app's sign-up process it says that "no information you share will be used for commercial purposes", although the data will be available to King's College London, Guys and St Thomas' Hospitals and Zoe Global Limited (a health technology company that co-developed the app) and may also be shared with the NHS.

In a statement, the researchers described their app as an "early warning radar". Researchers believe that the data from the study will reveal important information about the symptoms and progress of the COVID-19 infection in different people, and why some go on to develop the more severe or fatal disease while others have only mild symptoms. "It can occur in many different ways", he added.

The trial and the app will be useful to distinguish mild coronavirus symptoms from seasonal coughs and colds, which may be leading people to unnecessarily self-isolate when they aren't infected or inadvertently go out and spread the disease when they are.

If you are sick, yes. the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that you should wear one each time you are with other people and before entering a health facility.

"What we will be able to do is, very fast, work out whether genes play a role or not, because we just compare the identical and the non-identical twins - we can do that in a few days", said Spector. However, after weeks of delays in producing and distributing tests, the United States is now beginning to ramp up its testing: More than 350,000 Americans have been tested for the coronavirus, according to the COVID Tracking Project, a resource from journalists at The Atlantic and the founder of a medical-data startup. "If we got a million people reporting every day, that is an fantastic tool for the epidemiologists".

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