Selena Gomez donates proceeds from 'Dance Again' merch to COVID-19 relief

        Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez Vs Jennifer Lopez Which Lady Singer Sings Well

Entertainment Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez Vs Jennifer Lopez Which Lady Singer Sings Well

Selena Gomez released her highly-anticipated record Rare at the beginning of the year, but the singer isn't finished with releases. Watch Selena's "Dance Again" video below.

If nothing else, this will give fans something to obsesses over while Selena is taking care of her health in quarantine.

Gomez is aware that her video's debut comes at a unusual time.

But this is not all since in the description of the video, the singer revealed that a part of the proceeds from her new line of official merchandise called ' Dance Again ' will be donated to MusiCares to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

On Instagram, she wrote, "It feels a little odd releasing something so lighthearted in the middle of such a heavy time for our world, but I also think it's a good reminder that we will get through this together".

Check out the "Dance Again" video above, and peep Sel's new merch here.

Cyrus, a well-known animal rights advocate, first announced the adoption on her new Instagram live talk show, "Bright Minded".

In an Instagram video, she demonstrated the proper way to washup by scrubbing her fingernails and thumbs as well as the front and back of her hands.

Another one of Gomez's contributions to society during the COVID-19 outbreak was her decision to foster and then adopt a puppy named Daisy, Billboard reports.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus confirmed she also adopted a dog amid the pandemic, and her new furry friend has already made his Instagram debut on her boyfriend Cody Simpson's Instagram. I think the most obvious choices are "Vulnerable", "Ring" and "A Sweeter Place" featuring Kid Cudi, but who knows? "I had to keep her. Right?"

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