Qualcomm’s Latest Chipsets Aim to Bring Noise Cancelation to All Wireless Earbuds

Qualcomm QCC514x and QCC304x

Qualcomm announces next-gen Bluetooth chips for true wireless earbuds

Called the QC514x and the QC304x, these chipsets are aimed at premium, and budget wireless earphones respectively, and aim to bring some highly desirable features to every wireless earphone in the market. True wireless earphones have dropped in cost over the previous year or so, with some non-ANC models around the $99/£99 mark.

This technology allows just a single earbud to connect wirelessly to a handset via Bluetooth, which the other 'bud can then mirror.

This design also allows one earbud to be taken out without it affecting playback on the other.

Both these new chipsets support Qualcomm's TrueWireless Mirroring technology for more reliable connections and also comes integrated with dedicated hardware for Qualcomm's hybrid active noise cancellation.

The QCC514x and QCC304x SoCs are also optimized to deliver leading power consumption under various use cases, with up to 13 hours' playtime based on 65mAh battery. Better yet, the new Bluetooth chips promise a boost in efficiency and battery life.

As mentioned, only the QCC514X supports an always-listening mode-something like what the Airpods from Apple has, where you'll be able to activate your assistant by simply saying "Hey Siri". Now popular ANC earbuds are the Apple AirPods Pro, with 4.5 hours of battery life and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, which last up to 7 hours.

Essentially, both SoCs from Qualcomm integrate voice assistant support and ANC, which means that any TWS earbuds or headphones that are powered by the QCC514x or the QCC304x chips in the future will have built-in ANC support.

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