NHS Staff To Get Free Parking At Hospitals During Coronavirus Outbreak

Car parking will be suspended in April and May in all East Kent sites

Car parking will be suspended in April and May in all East Kent sites

West Suffolk Hospital has announced the changes.

NHS workers have been offered welcome financial relief thanks to an initiative that allows them to park for free at more than 900 auto parks.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock and NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens both also praised those NHS Trusts who are already providing free auto parking to staff working tirelessly on the frontline.

NHS staff are to be given free vehicle parking with immediate effect at hospitals and other medical facilities for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. Stop charging them to use their staff auto park', raised more than 400,000 signatures in less than four days.

NHS Trusts set their own parking charges, but the Government will cover the cost of any income lost from daily fees paid by staff, the Department of Health said.

On Wednesday night, the chief executive of NHS England, Sir Simon Stevens, indicated that NHS workers could expect further measures of support.

He said he hoped the government would "do what is right" and scrap charges at work vehicle parks for NHS staff permanently. "Free parking will make a big difference for hundreds of thousands of frontline staff", he said.

Which is why, I've agreed with the LGA and councils in England to provide free auto parking, on council owned on-street spaces and vehicle parks.

And now the UK Government has said it is giving extra funding to all NHS Trusts so they can offer free parking for NHS and social care staff during the outbreak.

"By working together, we are able to support these heroes as they play a front line role in our national effort to tackle the coronavirus crisis".

YourParkingSpace.co.uk says that some of the vehicle parks are very close to hospitals, and that it plans to open the free service to other key service workers.

Parking charges for NHS staff will be lifted while they fight the coronavirus outbreak, the Government has said, with the move following a public outcry.

"We plan to add new spaces to the platform every day - hopefully it's something that helps to make things easier for NHS staff and other key services workers".

Ministers are now urging other businesses and organisations located near hospitals to work with their local NHS Trusts to consider allowing NHS staff use of their auto parks. The Royal Free, in north London, suspended parking charges in staff vehicle parks at the weekend after pressure from campaigners.

These critical workers are all doing vital and highly-valued work to support the most vulnerable in our society and councils want to do all they can to support them.

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