Man Accused of Licking Walmart Deodorants Charged with Making Terrorist Threat

Even though it involved deodorant this prank stank

Even though it involved deodorant this prank stank

A man has been arrested on terror charges after filming himself licking products in a supermarket and asking, "Who's afraid of coronavirus?"

The unhealthy suspect - identified only as a "local resident" by Warrenton police - can be seen swiping his tongue over a row of personal care products on a 5-second viral video clip posted on Twitter. Charges will be pending through the Warren County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Police in Warrenton, 55 miles west of St. Louis, said they received reports about the March 11 video from as far away as the Netherlands before arresting a 26-year-old local man, per WGN.

The footage garnered both local and worldwide complaints, including some from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland, Warrenton police said.

The filings alleged Pfister "caused a false belief or fear that a condition involving danger to life existed" and demonstrated "reckless disregard of the risk causing the evacuation, quarantine or closure of any portion" of the Warrenton retail outlet. Copies of the Walmart stunt remain online.

The US Centers for Disease Control has warned that the coronavirus could stay on various surfaces for hours or days, meaning that people could become infected from touching an item that someone infected has touched.

Missouri's death toll from the coronavirus rose to eight on Tuesday. The teen later said she didn't regret her actions and admitted it was done to raise her own profile. His Twitter account has been suspended.

(@WeAreAPW), where it has since amassed over 4.3 million views. The man posted this disgusting act on social media, which ultimately led to his arrest.

Italy it now the worst-hit nation with more than 6,800 deaths and nearly 70,000 confirmed patients, surpassing China last week where over 3,200 people have died.

"We are taking these complaints seriously and would like to thank everyone who reported the video so that the problem could be handled", police say said in a statement Monday while announcing the man's arrest.

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