Kathy Griffin in hospital after showing 'unbearably painful' coronavirus symptoms

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

The comedian's hospitalization comes one week after the death of her 99-year-old mother, Maggie Griffin. Despite her symptoms, Griffin said she couldn't be tested for COVID-19 because of "CDC (Pence task force) restrictions", per People.

In a quote tweet replying to the president, Griffin accused Trump of lying about how many coronavirus tests the United States has performed amid the ongoing pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives as it continues to spread around the world.

"In fact", the president added, "over an eight day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (which has been a very successful tester) does over an eight week span".

"He's lying", she said, adding his tweet to her post, in saying there just aren't enough coronavirus tests available.

Kathy Griffin took to Instagram on Wednesday, sharing that she's now in hospital battling "unbearably painful" symptoms.

Alongside her photo, Griffin also posted a screenshot of Trump's tweet in which he said that the U.S. has provided more testing than any other country.

"Clinicians should use their judgment to determine if a patient has signs and symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and whether the patient should be tested."

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