Italian Nurse Reportedly Takes Own Life After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Heavy stress’ Daniela Trezzi

Italian nurse killed herself over fear of passing on virus by Daniel Binns Published

The coronavirus pandemic is taking lives worldwide. and it apparently contributed to an Italian nurse taking her own life over the "heavy stress" of testing positive and possibly spreading it to others.

The National Union of Nurses in Italy confirmed her death and expressed his "pain and dismay" in a statement issued yesterday, "and the union said that the nurse was suffering from severe pressure because she was afraid of the spread of the virus while trying to control the crisis".

Her death comes on the heels of rising concerns over the safety of health workers on the front line of the coronavirus crisis in Italy and across the world.

More people have now died from coronavirus in Italy than in China, where the outbreak originated.

However, there was a glimmer of hope as the number of recoveries also rose to 9,362 yesterday from 8,326 on Tuesday.

Alparone said she was however not "not under surveillance".

Every one of us has picked this calling for good and, shockingly, additionally for bad: we are medical attendants, the National Federation of Nurse articulation peruses to some degree.

Trezzi was reportedly distraught over the notion she had spread the virus to other patients she worked on before she knew she had coronavirus herself.

'The condition and stress to which our professionals are subjected is under the eyes of all'.

About 5,760 health-care workers have been infected by the virus, according to figures released Tuesday by an Italian research institute.

Nino Cartabellotta, the head of the Gimbe foundation which collected the data, urged that this "phenomenon" must be "curbed to safeguard those who take care of us".

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