HP, Microsoft, Valve Team-Up for New 'next-gen' VR Headset

HP's next-gen VR headset promises 'no compromises' PC VR gaming

HP teases a "no compromise" Windows Mixed Reality VR headset - MSPoweruser

The product is now titled "Next Gen HP VR Headset", with its own store page and brief teaser trailer on Steam.

The text that accompanies the trailer promises that the new HMD (head-mounted display) is "the new standard in VR" and that it will deliver "an immersive, comfortable and compatible VR experience". Have a watch of their teaser video below. Or it may arrive with its own control solution - all we've seen so far is renders of the headset with an extra-shiny HP logo, so it's too early to say how comprehensive of a VR solution it may be. However, the additional blurb over on HP's website, where you can now sign up for more notifications about the headset, does give us some interesting clues about what we might be able to expect.

Quite what Microsoft and Valve's contribution to the project is has not yet been made clear, but based on the original Reverb it may be that Windows Mixed Reality is a core design principle for the G2.

Valve previously worked with HTC to bring the Vive headset to market.

What we do know is that it is a follow up to the Reverb, HP's expensive VR headset designed for Windows' Mixed Reality lineup. Valve's current controllers can't work with HP's tracking system. As I said, it's now unknown what the Reverb G2's specs are going to be, but if HP are saying it's going to be even "more immersive and comfortable" than their old headset, then you can probably assume it would have even better specs than the current one.

The device's page on HP's website gives some more information with its description. "Its the new standard in VR". The game received a 9/10 in the GameSpot review.

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