Cuomo projects apex of coronavirus hospitalizations will be in 21 days

Legislation needs to be passed before Donald Trump signs the order

Legislation needs to be passed before Donald Trump signs the order

On Tuesday, Cuomo painted a picture that was more dire: NY would need 140,000 hospital beds for the apex of the new coronavirus and 30,000 ventilators.

"It would be really bad for the state of New York", Cuomo said at his daily press conference, claiming New York State would receive just under $4 billion in funding from the huge package. In response, both the governor and the White House have been in talks to fast-track the manufacturing of ventilators among private companies or to purchase them outside the U.S. The New York governor offered brief praise of Kushner as a fellow New Yorker who has been crucial to helping the state accelerate the production of ventilators for coronavirus patients in intensive care units.

At the rate the number of new cases is increasing, Cuomo said now there are 53,000 hospital beds and 3,000 ICU beds but the anticipated need when the cases reach the apex is 140,000 hospital beds and approximately 40,000 intensive care unit beds.

"This is a very good sign, and a positive sign", he said. "Again, I'm not 100% sure it holds or it is accurate. But the arrows are headed in the right direction".

The measure includes a massive infusion of aid, including loan programmes for hard-hit industries and small businesses, direct payments of up to $3,000 to millions of USA families, expanded unemployment aid, and billions for hospitals and health systems.

As President Donald Trump said he would love to have the country opened up, and just raring to go, by Easter, less than three weeks away, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he does not expect businesses to go back to routine so soon. It would create a half-trillion-dollar program to loan money to USA corporations and municipal governments, overseen by an inspector general and an oversight board. Having enough ICU beds with ventilators is a particular concern. And at the current rate, the governor said he doesn't anticipate having to make the grim choice of prioritizing ventilator assignments among patients.

"But the inescapable conclusion is that the rate of infection is going up".

Several temporary hospitals are planned in the New York City area, a Navy hospital ship is being deployed and existing hospitals are increasing capacity by at least 50%.

Of the at least 674 deaths in the USA, 131 occurred in New York City. The decrease could be attributed partly to expanded testing that has detected mild infections not requiring in-patient care.

The vice-president said: "We have to deal with the New York City metropolitan area as a high-risk area". "But it's true that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength".

Docks and marinas were closed to avoid a repeat of the beach parties splashed across the news last weekend.

Sixty-nine said they would be willing to help. "We are not going to let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem".

After an acrimonious partisan debate, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate reached agreement overnight on the relief package.

The state has not yet had to call on volunteer medical staff.

"I've spoken with a number of health officials and there is a good basis to believe that they could work", Cuomo said in a press conference on Sunday.

The ventilator had been used to keep teenager Adeujuan Adams alive after he was stabbed in the neck in 2012 by another teen who wanted his bike.

The medical examiner's office has used temporary morgues in the past, including in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. We have not yet secured supply for three weeks from now, four weeks from, now five weeks from now. Because this is a respiratory illness and people need more ventilation than usual.

New York City's criminal court has started conducting all arraignments by video conferencing to limit traffic in courthouses during the coronavirus outbreak.

The rest are being taken to a video setup at central booking.

Cuomo also signaled that some of the tension with the White House over the shortage had been relieved by a phone call with the president that morning, which Trump also said was productive during a briefing Wednesday night.

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