Coronavirus: Eddie Jones requested a pay cut for RFU

RFU to provide relief package for clubs hit by coronavirus

Eddie Jones to be asked to take pay cut with RFU set for £50m losses

The RFU's executive team have already accepted pay cuts, and Jones is now being asked to follow suit.

The Premiership still holds hopes of completing the championship some time this year, possibly taking the rugby season into summer to achieve that if the health crisis eases to allow sport to resume.

Numerous measures have been put in place to help clubs' current cash-flow, including the creation of a £5m support loan programme, offering loans between £2,000 and £10,000 to clubs, with deferred re-payments for six months and repayable over three years.

Jones earns around £750,000 a year, making him the second highest paid coach in the worldwide game, but the RFU will discuss reductions with him and the rest of England's coaching staff as cost-cutting measures.

Tough times are hitting England rugby with coach Eddie Jones taking a massive pay cut.

'We have modelled three potential scenarios and are working on an assumption based on a medium-term impact with a view to a return to rugby in the autumn. We will continue to monitor against this assumption and review and revise planning where necessary.

"The RFU's biggest asset is also a major cost and the closure of Twickenham Stadium has a significant impact on the revenues we can generate to re-invest back into the game", Bill Sweeney, CEO of the RFU said in an open letter on Wednesday.

Virtually all of the clubs in the English Premiership have cut player wages by 25 per cent.

"Based on our preparation presumption we approximate RFU income losses over the following 18 months to be around ₤45- ₤50 m and also have a company strategy in position to reduce this". In addition, combined board fees would be reduced by 75 per cent.

Other funding streams include the RFU's ticketing fund, which has freed up an additional UK£800,000 (US$953,000) for clubs.

With the United Kingdom in lockdown as of yesterday, all rugby revenue streams have been frozen for the foreseeable future.

Last week Canterbury Rugby Club said they faced bankruptcy after being forced to cancel several end of season events which were vital to their budget.

The Premiership is targeting a return to action on 25 April, but it is said that a return before June is unlikely at best. "We are now committed to update on this by the middle of April".

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