"Break My Heart": Dua Lipa introduced a new song

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In the video, Dua takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions as she travels through the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship.

The newly released song has catchy beats that can make one hit the dance floor.

In an Instagram Live on Monday, the Physical singer notified her followers of the news in an emotional 46-minute stream during which she answered fans' questions.

As he rejects her advances, her world starts to spin and she is pulled away from him.

Dua Lipa isn't slowing down her new music game.

"I would've stayed at home/ 'Cus I was doing better alone", singa Dua Lipa on the song, which right now comes off as a cautionary tale against going outside-if COVID-19 doesn't claim you, heartbreak will.

The 24-year-old pop star has described the songs - which are inspired by the likes of 90s stars Jamiroquai and Moloko - as "relentless" and said she had a lot of "fun" paying homage to the artists she's influenced by.

Matching the vintage feel to the track's sound, Dua showcased her exceptional fashion taste with eccentric and tailored skirt sets that channel the fashion of the '80s.

In one particularly poignant part of the video, Lipa is on board an airplane that breaks apart from the back - but it seems to all be a bad dream, and she wakes up in bed with a confused-looking partner, before beds with other men begin cycling through in the background.

"I wasn't afraid to just go in and experiment and try new things".

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