Aussie cruise ship passenger dies from COVID-19 in Western Australian hospital

An Artania ship off the coast of WA has asked for emergency assistance after a number of passengers got sick on board

Camera Icon An Artania ship off the coast of WA has asked for emergency assistance after a number of passengers got sick on board

Australia's death toll stands at 13, with more than 2800 Australians testing positive to the coronavirus.

'I don't want a single person coming off a ship in Sydney until various signing of protocols between the federal and state governments, ' Ms Berejiklian said.

Western Australia is preparing Rottnest island, a former prison island turned tourist attraction, to quarantine some of the 800 Australians on board a third cruise ship, the British-operated Vasco de Gama. Of a total of 3,711 passengers and crew members, including passengers who got off the ship earlier, 712 have tested positive for the virus and 10 have died.

The Magnifica and Artania ships, both of which have no Australian passengers or crew, are now anchored away from Fremantle port. Two-hundred and fifty passengers on board the Magnifica have reported feeling unwell, whilst on the Artania seven people have tested positive for COVID-19.

A cruise ship stricken by a coronavirus outbreak was told on Thursday to leave Australian waters, days after local infection numbers spiked when passengers on another vessel were allowed to disembark and roam freely around Sydney.

"The Magnifica and Artania both need to leave and go back to their port of origin and leave as soon as possible", said McGowan.

Two other cruise ships are in nearby waters.

There was little health authorities could do to prevent the disembarkation of asymptomatic cruise passengers, she said on Wednesday.

On March 19, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the country's borders will be closed pff to all visitors.

Police will patrol beaches on what is set to be a sunny weekend, after crowds at Sydney's Bondi last weekend frustrated officials and set off a round of tighter curbs. It had initially reported 25 people with flu-like symptoms.

With infections rising quickly, Australia has ordered curbs, such as the forced closure of pubs, restaurants and cinemas.

Further job losses are expected, with some economists expecting Australian unemployment to double this year to more than 11 per cent.

The cruise ship was due to dock at Fremantle Port on Friday, however, strict measures imposed in Western Australia (WA) to contain the COVID-19 outbreak has effectively banned ships from anchoring there. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

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