English cricket season in trouble due to coronovirus

Durham and Kent offer reasons to NHS during coronavirus outbreak | Cricket News

Launch of the Hundred may be delayed to 2021 if cricket season is cut short

"Alongside our partners in the game, we continue to plan against a number of scenarios for the cricket season", an European Central Bank spokesperson told AFP.

"It's pretty clear worldwide cricket comes first then after that it's the (Twenty20) Blast and the Hundred".

"It's pretty clear global cricket comes first, then after that it's the Blast and the Hundred".

If the season does not start until August then Tim Bostock, the Durham chief executive, believes the Hundred could be put back with market conditions just not right to launch a brand new tournament. That's where the revenue is.

"Protecting the Hundred is important, although in the conversations I've had with the European Central Bank, if it ends up getting squeezed and a two-month season - which is possible - a view will be taken about whether this is really the right time to launch the Hundred". I certainly get the impression if we get a two-month season the pragmatic view would be what's the point of launching this competition now? With which the ECB's plan to launch The Hundred League this year has been revoked.

"Spectators and members would love that and it would also give us some four-day cricket to support England's Test series in a very tight schedule", Essex chief executive Derek Bowden told Sky Sports. Three months as well.

- Maybe this season we only keep up with the county championship. These are decisions that the European Central Bank will have to take with its shareholders. But the message from the Professional Cricketers' Association is that any talk of a return to the negotiating table to discuss player wage cuts is hugely premature. "If the season does come about and we know we have, say, a six week build-up to the season we've ensured the players aren't starting for a training base of zero, they're starting from a decent base so they can hit the ground running", he said. "I think we're all on the same page".

"Different sports are dealing with this in different ways but we need to play the ball that is in front of us, and that is that there is no cricket until 28 May". Test skipper Root, recently returned from a tour of Sri Lanka that was abandoned during a warm-up match, said: "While it has been good to get some downtime after our return from Sri Lanka, keeping my fitness up is really important so I can be at the top of my game when we get back on the field".

A declaration included: "Durham Cricket have offered the use of Emirates Riverside to the local council and NHS should it be of use as well as the support of their staff who may be of assistance".

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