Closure of Lenton Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Nottingham

Dingwall recycling centre

Dingwall recycling centre

"We are all grateful to the drivers and team members who are working around the clock to make sure that essential services are maintained safely at this time", she says.

The Isle of Wight Council has issued advice for households which have suspected coronavirus (Covid-19) infections for disposing of waste.

Do not create excess waste you'd usually need to take to an HRC. This includes gardening (unless you home-compost), large DIY jobs or house clearances.

Keep this waste separate from other waste in the room/household in which you are self-isolating. These, and other hygiene products, should be bagged and placed in rubbish bins.

Try to recycle as much material as possible in your recycling bin. You should not however compress rubbish in black bags, your black wheelie bin or authorised blue sack.

The spokeswoman added: "Anyone with garden waste is asked to take it to their nearest household waste recycling centre or consider home composting".

Park responsibly. More people staying at home has obviously led to more cars parked on residential streets, creating problems for our drivers who can not access some roads.

DON'T put used tissues in your green bin - that was the plea from Rotherham Council as they warned bin collection were being disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. You will find service updates and instructions on what to do with your bins there. "The service is reviewed daily so please continue to visit this page".

A statement from the authority said: "The coronavirus has had an impact on our waste and recycling service workers which means we are now unable to carry out all bin collections". To help avoid this, Dorset residents should recycle correctly, minimise the waste they produce and observe health guidance if they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Hazardous waste store for emergency services and hazardous waste.

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