JP Morgan: Digital Money Foundation Laid, Blockchain In Banking Years Away

JP Morgan Chase to restrict Arctic oil and coal lending

JP Morgan: Digital Money Foundation Laid, Blockchain In Banking Years Away

In the report, JPMorgan describes the way in which blockchain - the technology which allows a ledger to be controlled by multiple agents - is being rapidly taken up by financial and political actors.

While we see widespread implementation of blockchain solutions at least three to five years away, challenges such as the macro-economic environment, legal and regulatory frameworks and technical challenges-such as cross-platform integration-may decelerate further progress.

Has blockchain entered the financial mainstream?

A recent report by a Major United States bank JP Morgan Chase suggested that current blockchain developments are lying down the foundation for digital money, but adoption is still years away. All in all, the world is ready for еру private payments.

JP Morgan's climate strategy is expected to fall short of the green pledges announced by BlackRock, the world's largest hedge fund, which will cut companies that rely on thermal coal for more than a quarter of their revenues from its actively managed portfolios. This statement is supported by global growth in all non-cash payments (e-payments, cards, mobile wallets) in Asia.

However, the researchers also point out that crypto assets continue to show extreme price volatility and claim that Bitcoin (BTC) "has already erased intrinsic value, but still has to prove their value for portfolio diversification".

Stabilcoins are largely on the agenda of the crypto community and regulators, both institutional and government-backed (CBDCs). The report mentions that stablecoins are potentially cross-border transfers and wide acceptance in the banking industry. Yet most corporate efforts are still in early development or testing. It is the implementation of quantum computations into the distributed technologies. Concern has been expressed that quantum calculations can seriously weaken DLT security and cause increased hacks.

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