Wuhan hospital doctor dies from coronavirus

Chinese Ambassador confirms more patients recovered from COVID-19

Chinese Ambassador confirms more patients recovered from COVID-19

Peng Yinhua died Thursday after becoming infected while working at Wuhan's Jiangxia district People's No. 1 Hospital, official news agency Xinhua reported.

About 72 medical teams from other regions of China have been dispatched to these temporary hospitals to aid local colleagues to treat patients and contain the virus spread. He died on Thursday night.

Peng "never got to send out his wedding invitations, which are still in his office drawer", Xinhua reported.

Chinese citizens have mourned his death on the social-media platform Weibo, lauding the doctor as a hero. "They selflessly gave it all, I think we will always remember them".

More patients were recovering from a new type of coronavirus infection or COVID-19, and more had been discharged from the hospital, Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN Deng Xijun said. It has primarily killed older people or people with compromised immune systems. The outbreak at the prison began after a prison guard "concealed" he had visited Wuhan from January 14 to 19, Chinese authorities said.

The news of Yinhua's death comes as healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak are getting sick by the hundreds.

Organizers of the Walk for Wuhan said all donations will go to Wuhan hospitals for medical supplies, and the walk is also created to raise social awareness and advocate humanity in fighting the virus.

Earlier, Dr Liu Zhiming, head of the Wuchang Hospital died due to the virus. The novel coronavirus has swept across China, spreading to every province and region in the country and at least 29 other countries.

Beijing-owned newspaper People's Daily reported Friday a former patient in Szechuan Province in southwest China tested positive for the killer virus behind more than 2,200 deaths in the country. But experts have said the virus' fatality rate is low, at about 2%.

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