Samsung Confirms Coronavirus Case at Phone Factory Complex in South Korea

Samsung says the Galaxy Buds+ multi-device feature only supports Galaxy phones with SmartThings installed

Samsung Temporarily Shuts Down A Factory In South Korea Due To Coronavirus

Samsung is challenging Apple's AirPods yet again with the Galaxy Buds Plus, the successor to the wireless earbuds that the Android phone giant launched a year ago.

However, today we found out that at least one of the Galaxy Buds+'s features do not work the way I'm sure most of us would have thought. Consumer Reports considers the Galaxy Buds as the best in its class and lists it among other big names in audio.

Apple claims its AirPods offer similar overall battery life, but with one crucial difference: Apple says AirPods offer up to five hours of listening time, but more than 24 hours of battery life overall when they're recharged in their case.

Samsung has temporarily closed one of the factories that makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after one of its employees was confirmed to have the coronavirus. This indicated that Samsung had pulled back the feature, but after looking at the Galaxy Buds+ product page, Droid Life noticed it still had a section called "Switch Seamlessly", where Samsung describes how the Buds+ "intuitively switches between two paired devices at once". You also need to have the Samsung SmartThings app installed on each device. More so, the SmartThings app needs to be installed on both devices where the switching is performed. But these are no AirPods Pro replacement and iPhone owners might be disappointed if they're expecting the same level of quality as Apple's high-end AirPods. The charging case can be charged using a USB Type-C cable that comes in the box.

Galaxy Buds+ are noticeable, but not as obvious as AirPods. But the appeal of the Galaxy Buds+ isn't in all the extras, its in precisely how much good it can offer for $150 less than the AirPods Pro.

Samsung's latest wireless earbuds look to be its best yet, with tight Spotify integration and improved sound and battery life for a competitive $149 price point. The example was "So you won't miss a call on your phone while you're using your tablet".

Samsung Electronics Canada inspires Canadians to reach their full potential through a transformative ecosystem of products and services that deliver innovation and distinct design to every aspect of their connected lives. For non-Samsung phones, the procedure remains the same: users must turn off the Bluetooth of the now connected devices and then re-connect to the second device. Perhaps some day in the future Samsung will enable the support with non-galaxy devices through an update. In any case, I was able to troubleshoot most of these issues (with some patience) and, ultimately, the Galaxy Buds+ worked as expected more often than not.

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