Its time to upgrade your phone: Samsung unvails their new lineup

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Its time to upgrade your phone: Samsung unvails their new lineup

Samsung's first foldable phone was popular when it was released past year, though it was expensive and hard to come by, as the company released only a limited amount.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip nearly stole the spotlight from the Galaxy S20-series as it's the second phone with a proper foldable display for the company. While we suspect Australia will see the Galaxy Z Flip as the year goes on, the USA and South Korea are the first places that get Samsung's second-gen folding phone.

Foldable glass is made to work with a folding hinge technology that allows a 6.7 inch screen to fold in half and close shut. Outside there is a tiny status display - a 1.1-inch Super AMOLED 300x112 pixel screen. Worries of dust and grime getting into the internals have been addressed as well. The display folds using the new Hideaway hinge and the Samsung's custom-built UX enhances the folding experience. The company introduced the presentation with the new Galaxy Z Flip which was futher the spotlight of the event. Developed in partnership with Google exclusively for this phone, Flex mode splits the screen into two when the display is open at an angle. Easily watch and navigate YouTube - stream on the top while searching for other videos, reading descriptions and writing comments on the bottom. You can also multitask between two apps this way using Samsung's Multi-Active Window feature.

Sales of the Galaxy Z Flip started at 9 local online and offline stores, according to Samsung and local mobile carriers.

Local analysts predicted that Samsung may sell 3 million units of the Galaxy Z Flip globally this year. At the front, there is a 10MP sensor with f/2.4 aperture with 1.22um pixel size and 80-degree field of view. Enter the Galaxy Z Flip, the first phone I feel confident in saying feels like a regular smartphone. Unfortunately, the Z Flip misses out on stereo speakers, a microSD slot, and support for 25W or 45W fast charging, and there doesn't seem to be any support for 5G connectivity, either.

As to what the price will be locally when the Galaxy Z Flip does launch, our best bet is that it should come in either around the same price as Motorola's $2699 Razr, or near that of Samsung's other folding phone, the $2999 Galaxy Fold.

That amount gets you a phone that has a 6.7-inch flexible hole-punch display covered with Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG).

Samsung says that the Galaxy Z Flip will become available in select markets including the USA and Korea on 14 February 2020 in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black, with a Mirror Gold option on its way. The introduction of the Z Flip was in the spotlight, while it was being unveiled. If you shop around a bit, you should be able to find you can pick up a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 for a lot less than the launch price (check the widgets on this page for the latest deals).

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