Google expands Stadia gaming to more devices

Next-Gen Asus ROG Phone Will Be Pre-Loaded with Google Stadia

Google Stadia already works on non-Google mobiles

After bringing its cloud gaming streaming service to Pixel phones a year ago, Google announced Stadia will be expanding to new devices come February 20. Also, the Samsung S20 will be available with Google Stadia titles too. Official support for 13 Samsung phones, plus some Asus and Razer gaming phones, will arrive in a few days.

So, Stadia has released a list of all compatible devices for their games.

Originally, Stadia was only restricted to the Pixel line of devices, but now, the support has been expanded to include high-end models from Samsung and other brands as well. First of all, there is the Samsung Galaxy S8's, which include the +, Active and Note 8. It is also expected to have a display that supports 120Hz refresh rate, chamber cooling tech, and at least 6,000mAh battery, similar to ROG Phone 2. So, If you're a Stadia fanatic, and you've got one of these devices mentioned herein, you're in luck.

The addition of new models - combined with the now supported Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3A, Pixel 3A XL, and Pixel 4 - means that Stadia will work on a total of 26 Android smartphones. Google is working on support through a phone without a USB cable, but it is not here yet (however, you can play Stadia on a TV through Chromecast Ultra wirelessly).

"Support for these mobile devices begins later this week".

After months of waiting, Google Stadia is finally rolling out to smartphones that aren't Google Pixel handsets, so if you own one of 18 select models of handset, gaming on the go just got that much easier. We'll try and keep this list up to date as more devices are added as well.

Also part of February's Stadia intake are a selection of recent Galaxy Note tablets: the Note8, Note9, and the Note10 and Note10+.

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