Bernie Sanders Projected to Win Nevada Democratic Caucus



Elizabeth Warren, the billionaire was defensive and vague about numbers.

"When I was accused of doing it, we couldn't figure out what she was talking about", the Medford native said.

One surrogate, Glen Hooks, a chapter director in Arkansas for the Sierra Club who is working part-time for the Bloomberg campaign, pitched Bloomberg Monday as the original climate candidate.

Her rally drew in about 3,800 to the Fillmore, with 300 more waiting outside.

Sen. Sanders is celebrating his Nevada caucus victory hundreds of miles away in Texas. Donavan endorsed Warren in September while Gonzalez gave her endorsement earlier this month.

"Putin thinks Trump should be president of the United States and that's why Russian Federation is helping you get elected so you'll lose to him", Bloomberg said to Sanders.

Bloomberg stridently denied that accusation on the debate stage, even as Warren said voters needed more information about his background to make up their minds - of a piece with similar criticisms she made about him not yet releasing his tax records and supporting Republican politicians in the past. According to the vanity metrics, he's not the top runner on the number of "likes", with Bernie Sanders in the lead at 5.3 million fans.

The Massachusetts senator congratulated Sanders on winning and thanked Nevada for keeping her in the fight.

He believes Bloomberg's ad blitz is about name recognition - but not just about getting votes to actually win himself.

"And let me just - and let me - there's agreements between two parties that wanted to keep it quiet and that's up to them. It's a concern making sure that my daughter will be taken care of".

Hart Van Denburg/CPR NewsDemocratic Sen. She said Warren is "pro-education and really working for the common people".

"In 2012, he swooped in to try to defend another Republican senator against a woman challenger", Warren continued.

In contrast, Darrell Seeney is all for Warren.

CNN damaged the tale, claiming "his comments, allegedly from a closed Goldman Sachs event for at Yankee Stadium on June 15, 2016, were anonymously sent to CNN by an email address called "CancelGoldman", with the writer declaring he operated at Goldman Sachs for 14 years".

"She's the best person for the job", Seeney said.

"A lot of people cheat at golf, it's probably true", said Gerry Frenze, a transport company owner from DE who was in town for a convention yesterday. "And they're not going to vote on issues".

Much of the second hour of the debate focused on the cult of climate change, which most Democrats seem to believe in more than they believe in God.

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