Taylor Swift performs live from Paris in music video for 'The Man'

Taylor Swift releases live acoustic version of her latest single The Man

Taylor Swift's New Music Video Redefines Her Style

No doubt about it: Taylor Swift pushed, put into work. As well, the singer has finally knocked the clip of "The Man". Thus, the singer addresses the subject of gender equality. It is what it is! The Man, makes for the fourth number from Taylor Swift's 2019 LP. No, the singer is not staged in a insane story.

"When I go online and hear the stories of my fans talking about their experience in the working world, or even at school-the more we talk about it, the better off we'll be", she continued.

Swift, wearing a satin blazer and sequinned skirt, performs the anthem - which tackles sexism in the music industry - with an acoustic guitar while thousands of fans inside the historic L'Olympia concert hall sing along. You will have understood, it is thus its performance in the famous French theatre.

Taylor Swift's Lover, her seventh album since her debut as an artist in 2006, was a unique album for the superstar pop artist in a variety of ways. On this day, the star has been hit.

As she continues, the audience sings along as Swift smiles as she looks around the room. An extract of the live is also available on his account Instagram.

On Youtube, a user is noted by his comment. "You know that I'm so sick of them coming out me again / 'cause if I was a man then I'd the man / I'd be the man". It is in us! ". It is true that one can be proud of!" We will therefore find it next July 5 at the Nîmes festival.

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