Wendy’s workers fired after video of sink bath shared on social media

Wendy's MLive

A Wendy's restaurant in Michigan

A man was recorded taking a bath in a sink at a Greenville Wendy's restaurant while employees laugh.

The video, posted to a community Facebook page, had been viewed tens of thousands of times as of Wednesday.

It's not clear whether the employee is completely unclothed or has underwear on beneath the soapy water. His quote, 'It feels like a hot tub'. "I'm just enjoying life, boss".

However, Team Schostak did confirm the incident took place in the Greenville restaurant and it has been addressed with staff.

Camp, who is the Vice President of Human Resources for Team Schostak, said: "Upon learning of this situation, all employees in the video were terminated immediately and the restaurant has been completely sanitised". We've been looking into the matter all day, trying to find out what happened because we want to make sure that we are safe for our employees, and obviously our guests, so we take this matter extremely seriously.

Believe it or not, this isn't even the first time this has happened. The bathing man was partially submerged in the sink in the video, but it is unclear if he was naked in the sink. The man can then be seen washing his armpits before scrubbing himself with a piece of kitchen towel.

The owners of the Wendy's are not happy, but the man is clean. The company would not comment on who the man in the sink is and whether or not he works for the company. "The health department visited the restaurant today and no violations were reported", according to the statement from Team Schostak.

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