Universal Confirms Elton John, Nirvana Masters Were Damaged/Lost In Fire

UMG confirms 19 artists recordings lost, damaged during Universal Studios fire

It is confirmed that Elton John, Nirvana and Sheryl Crow have lost or damaged teachers in Universal Fire

Grasp recordings by artists along with Elton John, Nirvana and Sheryl Crow are amongst these confirmed as "misplaced or damaged" by Widespread Music Group (UMG) following a 2008 hearth. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Sonic Youth, White Zombie, Y&T, David Baerwald, Jimmy Eat World, Surfaris and Suzanne Vega.

Whereas the hearth was believed to have affected the recordings, the extent of the harm was unknown.

While Universal Music Group disputed the claims made, the documents show that UMG has now confirmed 19 artists who lost material or have damaged recordings from the fire.

The names were confirmed by UMG during a discovery inquiry in the lawsuit, with lawyers of the artists who sued the music organization asking for a detailed breakdown of exactly what was affected by the fire.

In 2010, UMG told its parent company at the time, NBCUniversal, and its insurer that recordings from almost 17,000 artists could have been lost. The report also stated that tens of thousands of masters by artists largely forgotten across gospel, blues, jazz, country, soul, disco, pop, easy listening, classical, comedy and spoken-word may also no longer exist.

And Howard King, a lawyer for the artists behind the class movement swimsuit, was unimpressed by UMG's reluctance to return clear with the exact decide of what variety of artists have been affected. Recognizing the lack of merit of their original claims, plaintiffs' attorneys are now willfully and irresponsibly conflating lost assets (everything from safeties and videos to artwork) with original album masters, in a desperate attempt to inject substance into their meritless legal case.

The defendant claims that identifying all of the lost recordings would require UMG to "conduct anew a thorough, worldwide investigation of all its musical assets and associated recordkeeping related to thousands of artists across multiple secure locations in the United States and United Kingdom at the extraordinary and unprecedented burden and expense". "As for back-ups of recordings belonging to John, the filing stated that 'UMG is still working with the artist to determine the extent of such impact'". The same went for "an original master recording" belonging to Frampton, a half-inch "flat original master recording" belonging to Slayer and an original master recording of a radio transcription belonging to Les Paul.

UMG claims it does have backup copies for ... The most notable of the destroyed masters belong to albums by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Slayer, R.E.M. and Elton John. The website began as a fun project in 2013 to one of the top independent news sites.

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