'Insatiable' Cancelled: No Season 3 For Debby Ryan Netflix Series

‘Insatiable’ Canceled After Two Seasons at Netflix

‘Insatiable’ Canceled By Netflix After Two Seasons

Turns out Netflix's appetite for "Insatiable" wasn't entirely, well, insatiable. Shortly after season 1 was released on Netflix, a petition calling for the cancellation of the show due to body shaming narratives and toxic body image messaging was signed by nearly 100,000 people. Her past was haunting her, and her struggle to be "good" was becoming harder and harder each day as she battled her inner demons. And when beauty queens started going missing, who was to blame?

The controversial dark comedy-drama series, starring Debby Ryan as Patty Bladell, first aired in August 2018. "Every time someone says, 'Skinny is magic, ' I just want to scream, 'Go to therapy.'

Considering there is still so much misinformation about eating disorders, and considering the sketchy way Patty went from 'fat" to the size of the average thin actress in Hollywood, bringing up eating disorders now is honestly insulting.

Insatiable starred Debby Ryan (Jessie), Dallas Roberts (Dallas Buyers Club), Alyssa Milano (Mistresses), Christopher Gorman (2 Broke Girls), Erinn Westbrook (In a World), Michael Provost (Elbow Grease), Kimmy Shields (Girlboss), Irene Choi (The Perfect Guy), and Sarah Colonna (Has Anyone Seen My Pants?).

In response to the backlash, creator Lauren Gussis and Netflix VP of Original Series Cindy Holland defended the show with separate statements. But it also attracted strong viewership - judging by available streaming data - securing a renewal for a second season which wrapped in October.

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