This is apparently a Pixel 5 prototype - and it sure is something

Pixel 5 XL’s First Render Surfaces Online

First Google Pixel 5 XL render is here & It has an ugly camera bump!

We should be meeting two Pixel models, Pixel 5 and the 5 XL this year.

Nine months before Google will likely launch the Pixel 5 smartphone series, an official-looking prototype is already out in the wild. He obtained CAD files for the upcoming Pixel 5 XL a few days back which were used to create these new renders. The Pixel 5 XL boasts three sensors in a module housing that looks like an elongated semi-circle.

We don't have any renders to share of the other two prototypes, but Front Page Tech notes that the camera module is a square just like it is on the Pixel 4.

Also, you can see in the close-up of the Pixel 5 XL's camera module, Google will probably take into account the feedback (read backlash) from users, as well as media, and include an ultra-wide-angle camera into its next flagship. Outside of the face that it's making, this looks to be the first Pixel phone with three rear cameras. It's not the best camera design I have seen to date, let me just put it like that. Jon states that the design started to grow on him slightly.

However, there's some good news. If you zoom in closer to the image, you can notice that the device will have a wide-angle camera that is missing on the current-gen Pixel model. The lack of an ultra-wide-angle sensor was a big let down previous year, so it's good to see it on the upcoming 2020 pixel. Hoorah!? The signature colored power button and top-notch, albeit smaller in size, will be around in the Pixel 5 series as well. We are curious to see the magic Google will do with the use of the new sensors. Unfortunately, we don't know that. You can check out his video from down below.

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