Storm Dennis to hit West Berkshire

Saindbags at the ready

Saindbags at the ready

The insurer said that there had been significant storm damage caused by high winds unlike in more northerly parts of the country where flooding was mainly to blame for the damage. There is another low pressure in the Atlantic which is expected to bring in snowfall and strong winds over Iceland today. It's going to bring with it severe gales and stormy conditions eastwards.

The amber warning is in place from midday tomorrow until midnight for southern Scotland with yellow warnings for wind and rain across the rest of the country are in place from tomorrow through to Monday.

Cllr Humby added: "The forecast is for heavy rain this coming Saturday". Around 15-25 mm of rain will fall widely with 30-40 mm possible, this will combine with snow melt exacerbating the impacts.

He said: "The winds will be a touch down on what we saw with Ciara but the focus is on a bit more rain with Storm Dennis due to the persistence of the rain".

"More typically winds will gusts to 50 miles per hour at times".

Across Europe, the cost of the destruction caused by last week's storm - which was named Sabine in Germany - is expected to be between €1.1bn and €1.8bn (£910m to £1.5bn). However, they will be less severe than last weekend's weather.

Cllr Rob Humby, the council's deputy leader and cabinet member for environment and transport, urged residents to think twice before making journeys this weekend.

Flooding is a possibility, and remote communities may be cut off by the disruption to infrastructure.

Valerie Watters, a forecaster for the meteorological service, warned of the possibility of heavy wind and rain.

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