Putin backs ban on handing over Russian territory

Putin: Hypersonic weapon makes idea of Russia’s deterrence meaningless

Amending constitution is up to Russian people, we’ll do what they vote for – Putin

Planned change of the Russian basic law can only be enacted if the Russian people give an unequivocal mandate for it, President Vladimir Putin told a working group preparing the amendments.

Last month, Putin proposed changing the country's power structure by amending the constitution.

His proposed changes were widely seen as part of Putin's efforts to extend his grip on power after his current presidential term ends in 2024. "It should be a real plebiscite, and the citizens of Russian Federation must be the authors of those amendments". "It just should not be delayed indefinitely so that it does not become something of a permanent continuous nature", Putin said.

In separate comments during the meeting, Putin said he backed an idea to make it unconstitutional for Russian Federation to give away any part of its territory, a move likely to irritate Japan and Ukraine that have land disputes with Moscow. It is necessary to clarify some things: "marriage is the Union of a man and a woman with a family a little different", - concluded Putin. Putin said the suggested wording would violate the rights of families led by single parents, but the Russian leader reaffirmed his strong disapproval of gay parents.

"As far as "parent number 1" and "parent number 2" goes, I've already spoken publicly about this and I'll repeat it again: as long as I'm president this will not happen". "There will be a mom and a dad". Putin responded that even though nuclear weapons play a key role now, future weapons could overtake them as a top deterrent.

In December 2019, Putin stated that only Russian Federation possesses a hypersonic weapon.

According to Putin, the missile defense system of the West aims for the neutralization of Russia's nuclear capability. The Kremlin has dismissed the assurances.

The first missile unit armed with the Avangard became operational in December, while the Poseidon is still under development.

"We have talks under way with our partners on certain questions, but I like the idea itself", Putin said.

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