Ousted Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch slams 'amoral' USA foreign policy

Ousted ambassador calls US diplomacy'amoral

Ousted ambassador calls US diplomacy'amoral

"The policy process has been replaced by the decisions emanating from the top with little discussion", Yovanovitch said during a speaking event at Georgetown University where she received an award that recognized her long career as a diplomat.

Marie Yovanovitch, who Trump abruptly recalled last May from her post as United States ambassador to Ukraine, spoke at Washington's Georgetown University where she received a prize from the school's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy. "Senior leaders lack policy vision, moral clarity and leadership skills". "To be blunt, an amoral, keep-them-guessing foreign policy that substitutes threats, fear and confusion for trust can not work over the long haul".

In a almost 34-year career at the State Department, she received a series of promotions under both Republican and Democratic administrations, with positions that included ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

Trump a year ago disparaged Yovanovitch in a telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky which was the center of his impeachment for abuse of power.

Yovanovitch retired from the State Department at the end of January, several months after giving crucial testimony to impeachment investigators on Trump and Giuliani's efforts to force Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

During the impeachment inquiry, Yovanovitch testified that she felt undermined and threatened by people who wanted her out of their way.

Yovanovitch was a highly regarded career foreign service officer when Rudy Giuliani, serving as Trump's personal lawyer, led a campaign against her as he sought to push Ukrainian officials to help the president in his re-election campaign.

In her first public remarks since leaving the U.S. foreign service two weeks ago, Yovanovitch said that the Trump administration's handling of foreign policy risked alienating allies and driving them into the arms of other partners they find more reliable. She was at Georgetown to accept an award from the School of Foreign Service, and received a standing ovation from the audience.

Previous recipients include Madeleine Albright and Kofi Annan.

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