Jim Carrey Is Under Fire For His Comments About a Reporter

Jim Carrey Tells Reporter She's The Only Thing Left On His Bucket List

Jim Carrey Under Fire For Saying Reporter Was On His Bucket List

What was meant to be a joke by Jim Carrey made the actor the target of the internet. The comedic actor stars in the recently released film Sonic the Hedgehog, and lately, Carrey has been making his way through the press circuit to promote the movie.

"Just you. That's it".

"Look up "sleazeball" in the dictionary and there's a photo of @JimCarrey", wrote one skeptic, and another added: "It's not a cute moment".

"Just own it", Carrey says.

"He didn't insinuate sex, he said he was done with his bucket list".

Social media users slammed the actor's comments and accused him of predatory behavior, Page Six reports. Was it unprofessional for Carrey to flirt with a reporter during an interview?

Another user wrote: "Such a huge [fan] of Jim Carrey but lost respect for him today".

However, a good portion of Twitter users jumped to his defense, saying that what he said was misinterpreted.

Long then busts out laughing at the joke, and replies, "Wow".

"There was absolutely nothing salacious or suggestive or anything about his reply".

Carrey's rep didn't immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

In a statement provided to the media organisation, they called the criticism "a ridiculous non-story". "Jim " s full quote was "Just you!" That's it, I'm all done now!'

There have also been fans who have defended Carrey for the comment, noting that the actor was simply complimenting Long because his interview with her was the last thing on his bucket list, not Long herself. "This is another example of a clickbait headline pandering to the dark side of 'scroll culture" - a dirty business done by and for people with dirty minds".

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