Harvey Weinstein's Closing Argument: 'Women Need to Take Responsibility for Their Actions'

Harvey Weinstein leaves his trial Tuesday Feb. 11 2020 in New York

Harvey Weinstein leaves his trial Tuesday Feb. 11 2020 in New York

"He was the target of a cause and a movement".

"The pressure to win this case in this climate in this city is huge".

But she told the jurors not to feel sorry for the prosecutors, because they win when justice is done.

"In their universe, women are not responsible for the parties they attend, the men they flirt with, the hotel room invitations, the plane tickets they expect, the jobs they hope to obtain", Rotunno said in court, according to Variety.

Prosecutors created an "alternate universe" that "strips adult women of common sense, autonomy, and responsibility".

She will stress the vast gulf in power between the alleged assailant and his victims, pointing to his connections to world leaders such as Bill Clinton, while the woman who accuses him of rape was raised by contrast on a dairy farm.

Absolutely not. The systems that people like Weinstein and Rotunno and every one that enabled Weinsteins and other abusers uphold removed that choice. She questioned certain testimony and at times read aloud emails that were entered into evidence earlier in the trial.

Weinstein, 67, faces five felony charges in the NY trial, including rape, criminal sexual assault and predatory sexual assault.

He is accused of raping Jessica Mann, an aspiring actress who now works as a hairdresser, at the DoubleTree Hotel in 2013.

Weinstein's lead defence lawyer, Donna Rotunno, came under fire on social media for a recent interview in which she said she made choices in her own life that helped her avoid being sexually assaulted.

The defense argued in closing arguments that the prosecution had woven "a sinister tale of a man who searched out his victims by putting them through a series of tests" but that story was not supported by evidence.

Weinstein faces five counts, including predatory sexual assault, rape and engaging in a criminal sexual act.

The lawyer also suggested that the six women who testified would have got themselves tested for sexually transmitted diseases if they had been attacked.

Rotunno said Sciorra had something to gain by coming forward 27 years later.

The lawyer is also likely to highlight the testimony of a friend and former roommate of the same accuser who said she never heard the woman say anything bad about the defendant.

Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi left arrives for the Harvey Weinstein rape trial in New York Tuesday Feb. 4 2020
Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi left arrives for the Harvey Weinstein rape trial in New York Tuesday Feb. 4 2020

Three other women testified that Weinsteinassaulted them. Another attorney representing Tarale Wulff sat next to Allred.

In often emotional testimony, Weinstein's accusers said he lured them to hotels in NY and Los Angeles on the pretense of promoting their acting careers and then sexually assaulted them.

The trial featured graphic descriptions about Weinstein's alleged attacks as well as of his "deformed" naked body.

Illuzzi argued that Weinstein did not treat Mann like a mistress, and had never sent her gifts, bought her jewelry, or taken her on trips.

"Of course you have doubt, how could you not", Rotunno said.

"Historically, you are the last line of defence in this country from the overzealous media, from the overzealous prosecution", she told the jury of seven men and five women.

Haleyi testified at trial that Weinstein forced oral sex on her in his home in 2006.

Rotunno said Mann had a consensual relationship with Weinstein in which she told him at times that she missed him and reached out to give him her new phone numbers several times over the years.

"How do you reconcile this behavior, because you can't", Rotunno said.

As the woman who alleges rape exclaimed at an especially intense moment in cross-examination: "I know about the emails with Harvey; I know it's complicated and hard, but that doesn't change the fact that he raped me". "I know it is complicated and different but it does not change the fact that he raped me", Mann testified.

"You don't have to like Mr. Weinstein", she told jurors.

Rotunno asked the jurors why Mann continued to reach out to Weinstein. "It will guide you to the right answer", she added.

Some jurors could be seen taking notes at times throughout Rotunno's closing argument. "He is innocent as he sits here right now", Rotunno told the NY court.

The defense said that they were the only cases that mattered and if the jury didn't believe them they should acquit.

The prosecution's final argument was created to undercut the seeds of doubt painstakingly planted by Weinstein's attorneys over three weeks of testimony.

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