Google's Chrome browser could soon gain Live Caption support

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Google's Chrome browser could soon gain Live Caption support

One of the Pixel 4's coolest features is Live Caption, which allows you to add subtitles or closed captions to anything you're watching, even if it didn't have captions built-in. As the name suggests, the tool is created to automatically provide captions for audio that's playing on your device. Live Caption is now only available on select Pixel models, but a similar feature is seemingly in the works for Chrome. It works with videos, podcasts, audio messages, and other supported media, making it a great accessibility tool for the hearing impaired.

Live Caption has many potential benefits. This commit is for the Speech On-Device API (SODA) service, and it contains all of the necessary components to launch the service, though it still in its early stages of development. The design document for the feature is located at: "go/chrome-live-captions". The feature can also help you keep track of what's going on in your videos while in a noisy environment.

The commit hinted at in the Chromium Gerrit is for SODA (speech-on-device API), which will play an essential role in enabling Live Captions on Chrome.

The only bad news is that we shouldn't expect to see this feature in a stable release of Chrome for a little while, but if you like to stay up to date and don't mind the occasional bug, you can always start using Chrome Canary instead and you will nearly certainly get access to the feature earlier than you would on normal Chrome.

Google has now released no information about the upcoming feature but based on the aforementioned information we can safely assume that it will work much like Android 10's Live Caption feature once released.

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