Carrie Underwood's Son Thinks She Does Laundry For a Living

Under age her son Isaiah Fisher listed 70-years-old, and as for what the "Before He Cheats" crooner is known for?

The point of the project was for Isaiah to answer questions about his mom to the best of his knowledge.

It's pretty amusing he thinks that since the singer is only 36 years old.

Carrie must be really keen on keeping everyone's clothes clean at all times because the next thing that he used a similar response to was "What is my mom really good at" and he said that it was 'folding laundry!' She does have a song called "Dirty Laundry" after all.

There are some really sweet moments in Isaiah's answers though. While some of his answers were pretty straightforward ("My mom's name is Carrie"), and some were incredibly sweet ("My mom always says, "I love you"), a few of them were definitely too amusing to ignore. So from the laundry and TV answers, it sounds like Isaiah is growing up like any other normal little boy, and not the son of world-famous singing superstar who's sold over 65 million records globally. Carrie Underwood revealed that during a class assignment this week, her son wrote down a pretty surprising occupation and age for the singer when asked to fill out a questionnaire for school. Carrie and her retired National Hockey League star husband Mike Fisher, 39, own several horses and Isaiah is aware of his mom's love of the creatures.

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