Astronaut Christina Koch reunited with her dog after year in space

U.S. astronaut Christina Koch reacts shortly after the landing of the Russian Soyuz MS-13 space capsule about 150 km south-east of the Kazakh town of Zhezkazgan Kazakhstan Thursday Feb. 6 2020

NASA astronaut Christina Koch dishes on record spaceflight

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned home to a very excited pooch, after spending a record 328 days in space.

Koch's extended mission will help researchers observe the effects of a long-duration spaceflight on a woman as NASA plans to send the first woman to the moon in 2024 and prepare for human exploration on Mars.

Luckily for Koch, her journey back to Earth hasn't included any major health concerns so far.

"I feel great", Koch said about six days after her return to Earth. After working a number of stints at remote scientific bases, including the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, NASA selected Koch as an astronaut in 2013. Except maybe coming home to them after a long, hard year in space. Scientists also found microgravity can damage DNA, thicken artery walls and change the microbiome from their research on the Kelly brothers.

A few months prior, Koch was part of the first-ever all-female space walk when she and fellow astronaut Jessica Meir spent more than seven hours fixing a faulty power controller outside of the ISS.

Koch's time in space was history-making.

In the sweet clip, LBD, which stands for Little Brown Dog, can be seen pawing at the closed door and wagging her tail as Koch and her husband approach.

"It's wonderful to stay really busy with all the work we're doing, both the scientific experiments, the maintenance and upgrades to board the space station, the experiments we do on ourselves", Koch told FOX News' Bill Hemmer Wednesday.

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