Anna Faris Wants to Officiate Her Own Wedding So She Gets Attention

Anna Faris wearing a white shirt

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Shortly before the photos went viral, various news outlets reported that Faris will star as twin sisters in Summer Madness, a film she is co-producing with her fiancé Barrett.

Anna Faris is engaged to cinematographer Mike Barrett, she confirmed on February 11 to James Corden. "Why the audish? Who are you looking for in an officiator?" he wondered. I would love it if you auditioned. "If you came and read..." "Well, I want somebody that's humorous that also brings heartfelt sentiment, that doesn't talk too much about themselves".

"Well that's a problem, I really strike out on all three of those", Corden responded.

"I could do it".

"I could [officiate my wedding]", Faris quipped. "This unbelievable ring I've just seen on your finger", James said while holding up Anna's left hand to show the large emerald cut yellow diamond.

"I think as the bride, you get the most attention", Corden reasoned.

And the beauty revealed in March a year ago that after her ex kindly informed her he was going to propose, she offered to officiate the ceremony.

In an instant, Peña chimed in with his own proposal to Faris, saying that he could be up for the tall task of officiating.

"I would be more like a ref". Time out! Time out!

Despite sporting a massive diamond ring on THAT finger since November 2019, Anna Faris kept mum about whether or not she was engaged to boyfriend Michael Barrett...until now.

Anna and Chris were married between 2009 to 2018.

"I kept it very quiet, I'll have you know!"

When ET caught up with Janney later that month, she apologized for spilling the beans about Faris' engagement.

The 43-year-old beauty, who confirmed her engagement last year, told James Corden on The Late Late Show she wanted to do it to 'get a lot of attention'. "Someone asked me on the red carpet about the engagement and I'm like, 'Of course". At least, I think it was a joke.

She continued, "I'm so happy for them". Earlier this year, during an interview, the actress opened about her views on marriage after splitting with ex-husband Chris Pratt.

'I know she's been engaged for a long time, ' she said.

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