'The Flash': Ezra Miller sneaks into the series

Flash of Two Worlds: Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Meet In Crisis

The Arrowverse's 'Crisis' Crossover Featured a Huge DCEU Cameo

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the final two parts the Arrowverse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, which aired Tuesday. EPISODE PENNED BY MARV WOLFMAN & MARC GUGGENHEIM - Stuck in the Vanishing Point, the Paragons search for a way to escape.

With Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) recent evolution into The Spectre, can the team overcome the Anti-Monitor and stop his antimatter wave once and for all in order to save the multiverse?

This is, to say the very least of it, a big deal.

So it was only fitting for two Flashes to get to meet for the first time in this TV adaptation of Crisis - and it was also just nice to see Ezra Miller as the Flash again. Schwartz said. "Once we came up with that Stephen loved it".

Amell, who has starred as Oliver Queen on Arrow since the franchise began, took to Twitter in the wake of the last two parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths to acknowledge his character's final sendoff.

Due to this, The CW went bigger and bolder than ever before, planting nods to not just Arrowverse properties but classic properties from the wider DC Universe all over the place. But this one, in particular, felt huge. "I called Eric Wallace who is the showrunner of Flash, and he called up Grant Gustin - because the one thing that was our only concern was the thought we didn't want to do it unless Grant was 100 percent on-board with it", recalled the EP. Ezra is one of a kind.

In the end, we don't think Arrow will "undo" Oliver's death since that would cheapen his sacrifice and make his journey this season feel like a lot of wasted effort. "Thank you to DC Comics".

As for the serial final, Schwartz revealed that we will see Oliver in it, but pointed out, without sharing details, "we have the challenge of what his role in the final is as soon as he dies?" The Flash takes over as the longest-running series, and that show has been renewed for season 7.

Gustin's The Flash returns February 4 with new episodes, while Miller's The Flash movie is set for release July 1, 2022. Check out the clip from the episode for yourself, as well as the photo from Grant Gustin's Instagram.

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