The final 'Bojack Horseman' trailer teases the end of Bojack's journey

The Final Ever Trailer For ‘BoJack Horseman’ Is Here & I Already Feel The Sadness Looming

BoJack Horseman faces the music in final Netflix trailer

Hopeful, even? The relatively brief clip acknowledges the hard journey BoJack has taken since the series began back in 2014, and looking at the road ahead, which sees BoJack settle into his teaching job at Wesleyan University.

This Netflix series starring Will Arnett as a depressed, self-destructive former-TV star horse made our list of the 25 Best Adult Cartoon TV Series and we've discussed why we believe it has one of the best portrayals of mental illness. The last eight episodes form the second half of the sixth season, which started on October 25th.

While steering clear of diving into actual plot details, the trailer injects a dose of humour as BoJack accidentally writes his name on the whiteboard with a sharpie. "I've had a large number of what I assumed have been rock bottoms most effective to find any other rockier backside beneath". I used to feel like my whole life was an acting job. "I felt like a Xerox of a Xerox of an individual".

The introspective trailer, which you can see just below these lines, shows BoJack talking about his life and also using a marker on a blackboard, while art shows a confident-looking BoJack looking far away.

Netflix also shared a poster and first look photos for the final season. BoJack got Pete's promo date hospitalized with alcohol poisoning, but Pete swore not to say where he got the liquor from.

The final episodes of BoJack Horseman hit Netflix January 31.

Bob-Waksberg had reportedly envisioned the season as the final one about the has-been 1990s sitcom star from Horsin' Around (voiced by Will Arnett), who tries going through life with his sidekick, Todd (Aaron Paul) and a feline agent, Carolyn (Amy Sedaris). The trailer for the latest episodes confirms that Margot Martindale will finally appear as Hollywood's most popular (and most dangerous) character actress.

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