President Trump thanks Obama-era official for comments on Soleimani operation

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President Trump thanks Obama-era official for comments on Soleimani operation

The United States has the legal and constitutional authority to continue attacking "Iranian proxies", in Iraq or even on Iran's home soil, in response to attacks against U.S. troops, Defence Secretary Mark Esper has said.

If Soleimani's assassination had led to war with Iran - and we were on the very brink - that war would have been as costly as the Iraq War in human lives and suffering.

"As I sat there last night here in Des Moines, I couldn't figure out the other debates and I've been to them all, the missing quality is that if you are going to be the next president you've got to take charge and take Donald Trump on, and if you can't take on and take charge in the debate, what gives people the confidence you can do that with Donald Trump?" he asked.

9% say it is "very likely" the USA will go to war with Iran in the next month, 29% believe it is "somewhat likely", 27% say it is "somewhat unlikely" and 22% believe it is "very unlikely". But 176 passengers on a plane lost their lives because of heightened tensions. The main narrative warranting the murder, which looks significantly like an after-the-fact preserve one's honor workout, is that Soleimani provided an "imminent threat" to the United States as well as was intending on assaulting 4 American consular offices. Those citizens must feel as we might feel if another country had sent a drone to kill our defense secretary on his way to the airport.

President Trump recently thanked a former Obama-era official for his comments on the operation which resulted in the death of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

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